Toning elasticizing • 500 ml / 200 ml

GP14 / GP14R

Professional cream, formulated to contrast sagging skin, connected to dehydration and loss of elasticity, specifically on thighs, buttocks, stomach and upper arms. It contains a pool of firming and toning ingredients, including the Pepha Tight complex, that counteract skin relaxation and loss of tissue elasticity.The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid that is able to bind a remarkable number of water molecules in the cutaneous tissues with tightening and firming effects.

Apply FIRMING CREAM every day, morning and night.


Thermogenic anti-cellulite • 500 ml / 200 ml

GP15 / GP15R

Extrastrong intensive cream formulated to contrast bothersome flaws associated with “orange peel” skin. Thanks to its thermogenic effect it acts directly on problem areas, stimulates microcirculation enhancing the lipolytic and draining effects its active ingredients: caffeine, centella, ivy, horsetail. Heat sensation and skin redness are temporary effects whose intensity and duration depend on the skin type. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid that gives the skin a smooth and uniform appearance. For improving the results of the professional beauty treatments apply EXTRASTRONG MODELLING CREAM at home every day, morning and night.


Draining anti-cellulite • 500 ml / 200 ml

GP16 / GP16R

Draining anti-ceDraining and remodeling cream, formulated for the cosmetic treatment of edematous cellulite often associated with fluid retention. The formula contains extracts of ivy, horsetail, caffeine and centella, a mix that reactivates superficial microcirculation, improves the drainage of interstitial liquids and visibly reduces micro and macro lesions with draining effect. For emphasizing the results of the professional beauty treatments apply MODELLING CREAM- DELICATE SKINS at home daily, morning and night with circular motions and light pressure in an upward direction to favour drainage.llulite

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