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Sensitive dehydrated skin


Soothing restorative • 250 ml / 50 ml

GP9 / GP9R

It is a cream with a soft and creamy texture, formulated to meet the needs of dry and sensitive skins. Its effectiveness is due to a concentrate of soothing, moisturizing , nourishing and restorative active ingredients. Since the first application it gives immediate relief to the most fragile skins. With its constant use your skin appears deeply hydrated and protected.


Protective Soothing • 200 ml


It is a cream mask specifically for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to its soft and creamy texture, it is extremely comfortable and easy to apply. The formula contains a high percentage of moisturizing , regenerating and refreshing active ingredients. But its strength is constituted by the blueberry extract, an ingredient rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols, which helps strengthen the skin microcirculation with important soothing effect on delicate skin. Used both in beauty institute and at home, since the first application, MOISTURIZING MASK gives immediate relief to sensitive and dehydrated skin and progressively makes the complexion more and more homogeneous and perfectly hydrated.


Soothing nourishing • 100 ml / 50 ml

GP11 / GP11R

Serum with a light and silky texture and a delicate fragrance. It contains over 34% of active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, sweet almond milk and oil, honey, grape seed oil and vitamin E that have important moisturizing, stimulating, nourishing and protective properties. Suited for all skin types, even the most fragile and sensitive it makes smooth, hydrated and velvety skin all day long.

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