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Impure skin


Purifying rebalancing • 250 ml / 50 ml

GP12 / GP12R

Cream with a light texture and silky, formulated specifically for combination and oily skin. It contains a pool of sebum-normalizing, mattifying and moisturizing ingredients. Since the first applications NORMALISING CREAM refines the appearance of the skin and minimizes the visibility of pores. With the constant use it helps free the pores from excess sebum, reduces their size and removes the shiny effect leaving the skin matte, smooth and even-looking.


Purifying mattifying • 200 ml


Mask specific for combination and oily skin. Its soft and creamy texture is extremely comfortable and easy to apply. The formula contains a high concentration of normalizing, balancing, purifying and moisturizing ingredients. NORMALISING is suited both for professional beauty treatments and at home. Since the very first applications it helps to balance sebum production, giving the skin an even-looking, smooth and radiant appearance.

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