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Nourishing moisturizer • 250 ml / 50 ml

GP4 / GP4R

It is a cream with a soft and comfortable texture. It has been formulated to provide a multi-level moisturizing and restructuring effect: it combines PCA and hyaluronic acid that assure both superficial and deep moisturizing actions. Furthermore, it contains a high percentage of nourishing and restructuring ingredients that help slow down and contrast the signs of aging.Used both in beauty institute and at home, it helps prevent dehydration and other effects of aging, leaving the skin deeply nourished and hydrated.


Regenerating plumping • 250 ml / 50 ml

GP5 / GP5R

It is a perfect 24 hours cream, suited from first wrinkles to mature skins. The formula is designed to contrast the signs of aging, it combines high- antioxidant, restructuring and multi - hydrating ingredients. Used both in professional beauty treatments and at home, it ensures moisturizing firming, anti-wrinkle and anti-free radical effects , bringing the skin new youthfulness and uniformity.


Redensifying draining • 100 ml / 50 ml

GP6 / GP6R

It is a cream with a light silky and texture, specifically formulated to reduce thickness and depth of wrinkles, bags and puffiness soften and tone the tissues of the outline of eyes and lips. The gentle formula combines ingredients with high elasticity power, restructuring and antioxidant. Plus it's enriched with active soothing and calming properties that are also in charge of the most sensitive and delicate skin. Used both in school and at home from the first application makes the skin smoother, supple and radiant.


lluminating elasticizing • 200 ml


It is a creamy mask with a soft and comfortable texture. It is easy to apply and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The formula contains a high concentration of active ingredients that moisturize and deeply nourish the skin. Moreover it contains an ingredient with natural tensive action that, in synergy with the hyaluronic acid, gives an immediate and prolonged lifting effect. It is a true shock treatment that from the first application gives the face a brighter and more relaxed look.


Intense toning moisturizing lifting effect • 50 ml


It is a hyaluronic acid gel, a real shock treatment with moisturizing, toning and anti-aging properties, suitable for all skin types, for face and body. Hyaluronic acid has very high hygroscopic capacity and is able to retain water molecules in skin tissues, with moisturizing, firming, toning and lifting effects. Highly innovative product enhances the results of all moisturizing, anti -aging and toning treatments. Extremely versatile, it can be used pure on the areas to be treated with immediate fillers and lifting effect. Or it can be used as booster, added to other cosmetic Gabor Professional to potentiate their effects.

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