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Today, Gabor stands as a successful business reality with 50 years of history. The Company’s defining values have stayed unchanged over the years: a constant eye to quality and attention toward innovations, in order to succeed in anticipating the trends and satisfying the demands of the market. Found in over 1,500 beauty shops distributed throughout Italy, the Gabor Selective trademark marks the excellence of the Gabor production: cosmetics of the highest quality and innovative, super-effective formulas, sealed in elegant, original packaging, all at a fair price that is more than competitive in the store.

Gabor’s story begins in 1960, when Bruno Ferrando and his wife Laura began to produce and distribute lymph draining and sculpting cosmetics. Notoriety arrived in 1978, with the publicity campaign of the Taboga suntan cream, a bergamot coconut oil, airing on the first commercial televisions. In 1980, their son Aldo joined the company; today he stands firmly at the helm of the Company. In the following years, Gabor became a market leader in the sector of hair removal waxes, with an annual production of over 1,500,000 roll-ons and 500,000 jars. In 2008, Gabor’s growth experienced a rapid rise thanks to the success of its Gabor Selective cosmetic line. It all began with the ACIDE HYALURONIQUE CONCENTRÉ PUR product, which, ever more recognized and appreciated by an alert, demanding market, is continuously lauded with new testimonials.

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